Savannah Cemetery Group Tombstone Hearse Co. is offering services for an alternative farewell ride for the motorcycle enthusiasts or people looking for a unique way to be sent off on their final journey.

We are different from the typical or traditional mere trip straight to the final resting place, instead we take the time to go on a favorite road or pass a sentimental place, which makes our service unique.

We commemorate the spirit of the open road by creating timeless and lasting memories for family and friends to cherish long after the loved one has taken their final journey.


At Your Service

Within 48 hours notice we arrive at your service dressed in traditional motorcycle attire that exudes a nostalgic style and class while adding a sense of dignity and professionalism as we take the departed on their final journey.


What You Should Know

Here are some reasons why you should pre-plan your final arrangements with Savannah Cemetery Group Tombstone Hearse Co:

  • To ensure that your final wishes are implemented saving your family the emotional strain of decision making.
  • Prearranging is a cost effective way of hedging against higher future costs, saving your family any financial burden at the time of decision making.
  • Pre-need funds are safely held in trust accounts and governed by trust regulations.

Savannah Cemetery Group Tombstone Hearse Co.